Deposito Ticino Storage

If you are looking for a new generation personal deposit, safe, clean and dry, close to you with a flexible contract, Deposito Ticino is the perfect solution for you

Bei Deposito Ticino we have storage units of all sizes used for storage of goods (work tools, documents, furniture, sports equipment, motorcycles and bicycles, other goods). Accessibility is guaranteed 24 hours a day through a pin code system, that unlocks the “anti-theft device” of your storage unit, and by this allowing the customer access in complete safety. We have, in our common areas, trolleys and pallet-trolleys available for free use for moving your goods.

At Deposito Ticino you can change the rented unit size at any time, – moving to larger or smaller spaces – according to your needs. Our units are available for both PRIVATE and BUSINESS clients.