Extra Large Units - XLARGE (16 -20m²)

If you need to store the contents of 4- room apartment or a big house, you can choose from our XLARGE Units and store any type of objects in total safety and comfort.

This option serves perfect for moving. XLARGE units are the ideal spaces for larger objects, including household appliances, boxes, various items and business' inventory. The size is similar to a large garage.

Storing bulky furniture and work equipment will be no longer a problem.

affitto spazio box - X Large
* (the drawing only example)
height measure
3m height

What can I put in an XLARGE size Storage Unit?

For PRIVATE Clients For BUSINESS Clients
80 scatoloni 80 archive boxes
2 double beds 4 shelves
1 table 4 office chairs
2 bedrooms 4 computer
6 chairs 4 desks
1 washing machine 4 lamps, or
1 sofa
4 pairs of ski Merchandise, Equipments, Spare Parts, etc