Extra Large Units (16 -20m²)

If you need to store the contents of 4- room apartment or a villa, you can choose from our EXTRA LARGE Units and store any type of object in total safety and comfort.

Questa opzione è perfetta per un trasloco! BOX EXTRALARGE sono gli spazi ideali per oggetti più grandi, inclusi elettrodomestici, scatole, articoli vari e inventario aziendale. La misure sono simili a quelle di circa un grande garage.

Cluttering bulky furniture and work equipment will no longer be a problem.

affitto spazio box - X Large
* (the drawing only example)
height measure
3m height

What can I put in a EXTRA LARGE size Storage Unit?

Per i Clienti PRIVATI Per i Clienti AZIENDALI
80 boxes 80 Archive boxes
double beds shelves
table Office chairs
bedrooms Computer
chairs Office chair
Washing machine Lamps, or
pairs of skis Merchandise, Equipments, Spare Parts, etc