Self-Storage literally means “do-it-yourself storage”, it is a modern way for storing personal, or professional belongings and goods or equipment in a storage unit of your own. A service that more and more people use, both at private and business level.

Deposito Ticino offers storage solutions that meets your needs if you need extra space. For private customers or for companies, Deposito Ticino offers UNITS of various sizes starting from 3 m² to be used for short or long periods to guarantee all the flexibility you need.

The Deposito Ticino Self-Storage is equipped with the most state of art security systems; there is 24-hour video surveillance to give you the peace of mind knowing that your items are safe and secure. It offers services of high-quality Access Control Security System. Your access to the Deposito Ticino is autonomous: using the security system, that is, an individual code, that opens both the main as well as the private unit door. Each unit is individually alarmed with a personal entry code and also padlocked. Only you know the pin code and only you own the secret number combination to your padlock of your unit. Our units are safe, clean and dry. Our Storage Facility is easily accessible and equipped with a convenient parking for loading.

Deposito Ticino is self storage designed to make your life easier!

What we offer?

Solutions for PRIVATE Clients   Solutions for BUSINESS Clients  
Useful in case of/using as: Useful in case of/using as:
  Moving   Storage of accounting archives
  Remodeling   Inventory storage
  Closet   Storage of craftsmen’s equipment
  Store personal belongings   Storage of e.g. medical records archives
  Study/Moving in another city   Exhibition / presentations material storage
  Free up space/ a room   Company moving
  Traveling   Merchandise/ Spare parts and tools storage
  Store Seasonal items (Ski, Surfboard, bicycle, etc.)  Offices Equipments
 Store Hobby items, etc.   Moped, scooter and tires, etc.
I need a storage UNIT because: We need a storage UNIT because:
  • My apartment is too small for all the things I have
  • We realized that our office is getting “smaller”
  • My apartment does not have a basement or closet
  • We want to store our documents elsewhere
  • I want to remodel my home
  • Our network agents need easily accessible and flexible storage,
  • I have to move and I need space temporarily for a short / or long period
  • We participate in exhibitions a few times a year
  • I don’t like the home owner’s furniture
  • We want to be able to expand our business without any difficulty
  • I will be away for a period of time on business or otherwise
  • Moving our office should not affect our business
  • At the moment I don’t need my sports equipment, my travel suitcases, or winter clothing
  • We want to undertake an activity with flexibility and reduced costs
  • I need a storage to store my hobby accessories
  • We need a storage to archive folders