LARGE Units (11-15 m²)

This size is perfect for storing the contents of an entire living room, a one bedroom apartment with major appliances or other furniture and supplies. It can be equal to an approximate size to a 2/3 of a one-car garage.

I depositi (box) LARGE sono la soluzione per chi cerca spazi custoditi, comodi e sicuri dove conservare beni personali, attrezzature da lavoro, pile di documenti e faldoni. In un BOX di misura LARGE puoi conservare il contenuto di un appartamento di 2 o 3 locali.

affitto spazio box - Large
* (the drawing only example)
height measure
3m height

What can I put in a LARGE size Storage Unit?

Per i Clienti PRIVATI Per i Clienti AZIENDALI
30 boxes 60 Archive boxes
double beds shelves
table Office chairs
chairs Computer
Bicycles Office chair
Libraries Lamps, or
Washing machine Merchandise, Equipments, Spare Parts, etc