A Frequently Asked Questions about the services at DepositoTicino Self-Storage

Find the answers below to your questions about our serices, or if you need any clarification, feel free to contact us at Deposito Ticino.

The English term “Self-storage” literally means “do-it-yourself storage”, a system whereby individuals rent a storage unit within a warehouse to store their goods, it underlines the fact that access to the deposit is absolutely exclusive and private.
Clients, who take advantage of using DepositoTicino Self-Storage facility, are coming from either PRIVATE or BUSINESS sphere. Our services are providing a modern option to store your belongings from your basement, garage, attic, or it serves as a storage for a small business by using it as an archive storage for a sales team. Rent units for short or long term.
We have various types of UNITs – SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, XLARGE – ranging from 3m² to 20m² with a height of 3m. If you have time, we recommend you to visit our self-storage facility to get an idea of the actual size of the units you are interested in.
Our units are:
  • Private: Access 24/7 at 365 days a year,
  • Secure: 24-hour video surveillance, private pin code entrance
  • Accessible: 24/7
  • Protected: Clean, dry, pest-free and insured
  • Flexible:Just rent only the space you need for a flexible periods of time.
We offer storage Units of various sizes according to your needs:

It is prohibited to work inside the rented storage unit. Our Storage Units are organized ONLY to store goods. The storage unit will become your personal space and you can organize it as you like. If you wish, you can also add shelves and furniture (without attaching them to the walls) to better store your items

I nostri BOX sono disponibili sia per PPRIVATI che per AZIENDE.

Spaces are available for rent from 3m² to 20m² with height of 3m. Our tailor-made solutions for PRIVATE and CORPORATE clients start at Fr. 100 / month
  • the exact unit space determined in the contract
  • Access Control Security System – the latest technology, individually coded door alarm system; when the tenant digits his access code at the main door, the unit lock is unlocked instantly.
  • 24-hours Video surveillance
  • free access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • insurance with coverage up to the value Fr 5000. – (that coves damages caused by Fire, Nature, Water, Burglary and robbery)

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The rent for the storage BOX is a fixed price for the contract period. Spaces are available for rent from 3 m² to 20 m² with a height of 3 m. Our tailor-made solutions for private and business customers start at Fr. 100, - per month. We ask the client to provide a security deposit (guarantee) equivalent to one month's rent for the space they will be renting. The security deposit shall be refunded within 10 days of the return of the rented storage BOX, which shall be emptied, cleaned and tidied as before the rental.
Our custom-made solutions for private and business clients are starting from Fr. 100,- per square meter per month.
There are no entry or exit costs related to the own storage space.
Insurance coverage is mandatory. DepositoTicino willingly offers insurance for your goods with costs INCLUDED in the monthly payment for a coverage of the value of Fr. 5.000:
  • Fire damage
  • Damage to Nature
  • Water damage
  • Burglary and robbery caused damages
Se hai bisogno di una copertura assicurativa più ampia, puoi aggiungere una copertura assicurativa aggiuntiva sopra la nostra. Tuttavia, nella maggior parte dei casi, è sufficiente comunicare presso la propria compagnia assicurativa se si prevede a trasferire alcuni beni presso i nostri depositi del Deposito Ticino Self Storage, so that your household coverage is valid for the goods transferred and stored at our facility (normally this does not lead to an increase in the insurance premium).

We offer various payment methods. Safe and convenient the Online payment with credit cards or via PayPal. We also accept cash, bank transfer, and postal payment.

Payment is due monthly, but you can also pay; Quarterly, Semi-annually or Annually.

Payment is due on the 1st of each month and must be made by the 10th of each month, to avoid a 10% late fee of your monthly rent.

The first month’s rent is proportionally prorated and the following months are regularly due on the 1st of each month with payment of the amount within 10th of each month.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information on payments and our ongoing promotions.

Payment is due on the first of each month and must be made by the 10th to avoid late fee, the 10% of your monthly rent. The first month’s rent is proportionally prorated and the subsequent months are due by the 1st of each month. You can also pay Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually.

SECURITY DEPOSIT, equivalent to your one-month rent , is required:

  • at the moment of signing the contract for the rent of your space with us, or
  • at the moment of reservation, to book your space with us at a later time.

The security deposit will be refunded to you, within 10 days from the time your rented storage unit has been emptied as well as approved and your rent/reservation was cancelled beyond the cancellation period (30 days notice required).

Per ulteriori informazioni dettagliate oppure per conoscere le promozioni in corso, non esitate a contattarci.

Payment is due on the first of each month and must be made by the 10th to avoid late fee, 10% of your monthly rent.

The first month’s rent is proportionally prorated and the subsequent months are due by the 1st of each month. Payment Periods: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually.

Feel free to contact us in order to get a more detailed information on payments and about our current promotions.

You can deposit your things starting from 1 month period.
You can leave your things for as long as you need, with no maximum period restrictions.
Usually you can get a storage unit immediately based on availability. However, we recommend, that you book as early as possible so that we can help you to get the storage unit that best suits your needs. If a deposit unit is not needed immediately, you can reserve it for a later date. A security deposit, equivalent to the one-month fee, is required at the time of booking. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to choose the most suitable space for you at an advantageous offer. It is not necessary to set a specific date: you can also decide it later, but with the booking you will already know that your space is available when you need it at the agreed price. Also be aware, that if your plans will change, you can cancel your reservation at no charge, any time beyond the cancellation period (30 days notice required in writing).
For authorization, you must present a valid identity document with photo (Residence Permit, Driving License, Passport, Identity Card with photo). To rent your BOX with Deposit Ticino and for authorization process you can do it IN PERSON (contact us for an appointment !!!) or go ON-LINE using our website www.depositoticino.ch.

Corporate customers require a legally valid signature from a person registered in the commercial register.

After signing the contract and completing the first payment, you can immediately use your storage unit.

Normally we tend to overestimate the space we need, and because of it, often it happens that the expenses of the rent will be more than what we can afford. Contact us by phone or email us, our consultants can help you in defining the space you really need. Or you can use our “storage space calculator” app on our website.
Inside our units it is possible to store anything you want, with the exception of perishable goods, dangerous goods (toxic, corrosive, volatile or flammable) or any goods that create an inconvenience or danger for nearby tenants.

Due to security reasons and restrictions, here is the list of objects and materials that are not allowed inside our rental units:

  • Items that can explode are prohibited. For example, the gas tanks for the garden grill should never be left in storage.
  • Flammable liquids and articles can never be left in the storage. It is necessary to make sure that you have removed the fuel from all the goods with a petrol engine and from the motorcycle that you leave in storage during the winter.
  • Articles that deteriorate, biodegradable. Always make sure to remove food from refrigerators and freezers.
  • Any type of pets.
  • Other goods that are not suitable for storage are ammunition, live or dead organs or anything that requires special conservation rules or goods for which possession is prohibited by law.
  • Firearms and fireworks,
  • Items that are illegal or prohibited by the law.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any advice or doubt in this regard.
Prima di tutto, è bene utilizzare sempre scatole di buona qualità. Presso il Deposito Ticino abbiamo un’ampia varietà di materiali che puoi utilizzare per imballare e custodire i tuoi oggetti. L’attrezzatura da giardino deve essere pulita prima di essere depositata, il serbatoio di moto, motorini e taglia erba svuotato, la batteria staccata. I mobili vanno preferibilmente smontati per risparmiare spazio e ricoperti con coperte di protezione; quadri e specchi depositate sempre in verticale, mai in piano, per evitare che si rovinino. Non depositare oggetti di valore come chiavi, documenti, denaro contanti o gioielli. Accertati di avere riempito interamente le scatole, per evitare che gli oggetti contenuti si schiaccino, e posiziona in fondo gli elementi più pesanti. Ti consigliamo di riporre libri, CD e dischi in scatole piccole (mass.10kg), in modo da rendere più agevole il trasporto e lo stoccaggio.

I nostri consulenti sono a vostra completa disposizione per fornirvi qualsiasi tipo di informazione in merito a traslochi e materiali imballaggi disponibili.
It is forbidden to leave around and on the corridors of the facility any trash or bulky objects. Each tenant has its own responsibility to remove and take away its waste (cardboard boxes or any packaging items, leftovers) generated by the moving in or out. Those who do not respect this rule will be charged for the disposal costs.

For your convenience, transportation services are available upon request. In case you prefer to use a professional moving company, we can also recommend reliable Translocation services.

Our facility has been designed to serve a more convenient translocation and easy access to your Storage Unit :

Large “loading areas” are available:

  • internally , there is a big loading space for a large van (7m long x 4m wide x 2.8m high), and
  • externally, there is a large loading space for the trucks immediately in front of the main entrance door.

Industrial size elevator

  • For those who needs to get on the first floor, the large size elevator (1.70 m wide x 2.40 m deep x 2.20 m high) is available for easy movement between floors.

Trolley or pallet-trolley services

  • it is always available at free of charge, for those who need.

Security is very important for us. Deposito Ticino Self Storage is equipped with the most state of art security systems, to give you the peace of mind knowing that your items are safe and secure, and guarantees autonomous and private access 24/7:

  • 24-hour video surveillance:six camera surveillance provides 24/7 recording and monitors all the movements.
  • Access Control Security System. Each unit has an individual access with a personal PIN code.
  • Individually alarmed doors,an individual code, that opens both the main door as well as your Unit door
  • Privately padlocked units — Only you know the pin code and only you own the key to the padlock of your Unit.
  • Our Units are safe, clean, pets-free and dry.

If you want a secure and convenient service, trust Deposito Ticino!

The Deposito Ticino Self Storage is equipped with the most state of art security systems; there is 24-hour video surveillance to give you the peace of mind knowing that your items are safe and secure. It offers services of high quality Access Control Security System. Your access to the DepositoTicino is autonomous: using the security system, that is, an individual code, that opens both the main as well as the private unit door. Each box individually alarmed with a personal entry code and also padlocked. Only you know the pin code and only you own the padlock to your unit. Our boxes are safe, clean and dry.
Customers can access the building and their UNITS ANY TIME WHEN THEY NEED, completely independently with an individual access code using our ACCESS CONTROL Security System, the individually coded door alarm system. Your access to the Deposito Ticino is autonomous: when the tenant digits his access code at the main door, the unit door is unlocking instantly. Your storage unit is locked with a “private pin code”, and your padlock. Only YOU know the PIN code and only you possess the key to your padlock of your Unit. Access is possible 24 hour s a day, 7 days a week .

Access Hours to your Units: 24 hours

Office Hours: By Appointments only!

30 (calendars) days notice is requires prior contract expiration date. You must inform us if you intend to renew it for the same period, or for a shorter period or to cancel your rent. Wichtig: in the absence of any communication, the contract is automatically renewed for the same period as the previous contract was and an invoice will be issued.

Cancellation or any request for changes to your rental terms should be done in writing.
You can withdraw from the contract at any time, provided us a 30 days’ notice (calendar).
Cancellation or any request for changes to your rental terms should be done in writing.

Deposito Ticino is a self storage designed to make your life more comfortable, without ay hassle! We will be glad to assist you and address your questions in regards to your Storage Unit rent with us.

For further inquiries and information or to receive a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact us by email info@depositoticino.ch , Facebook (@depositoticino) or call us at +41 (0)91 225 33 34. We are always at your disposal! If you want to come and visit our facility, we will be happy to take a tour with you. Appointments ONLY!

Please contact us for your appointment.

Access Hours to your Units: 24 hours

Office Hours: By Appointments only!

For any emergency need you can contact us 24 hours by phone:

+41 (0)91 225 33 34.

We care about your privacy, both as regards your things and your data. All our platforms (access control, video monitoring, sensitive data) are encrypted.