What sizes are available?

In Deposito Ticino offers a wide choice of individual units of 3 meters high and of various sizes from 3 m² (to leave sports equipment, bicycle or travel suitcases), through 10 m² (for your tools, office files, some furniture to free up some space) up to 20 m² (it is perfect to store the whole house or office stuff while your moving).

Accessibility is autonomous and guaranteed; 24 hours a day through a pin coded access system, that unlocks the “anti-theft device” of your storage unit, and by this allowing the customer access in complete safety.

Only you know the PIN code and only you hold the key to the lock to your BOX.

Our units are:

  • Private: Each unit is equipped with individual alarm system.
  • Secure: 24-hour video surveillance, private pin code entrance and padlock.
  • Convenient: 24/7.
  • Protected: Clean, dry, pest-free and insured.
  • Flexible: Just rent only the space you need for a flexible period of time.

At DepositoTicino, you can swap your unit at any time, at no extra charge, moving to larger or smaller spaces according to your needs. For moving goods there are trolleys and pallet trucks available at no charge. Deposito Ticino Self Storage is easily accessible and has the convenient parking for loading and unloading.

We offer storage Units of various sizes according to your needs:

Units to rent: