SMALL Units (3-5 m²)

SMALL size storage units are ideal for storing personal items that have no enough space in your house. A small unit is suitable for storing from 1 closet to 1 small room. It is an excellent size for storing your extra things, such as small furniture, seasonal items and various boxes. (a size of a standard closet)

If you need to store the contents of a single room, a basement or an attic, we recommend renting a SMALL Unit, to save money, while still getting all the space you need for your beloved things.

affitto spazio box - small
* (the drawing only example)
height measure
3m height

What can I put in a SMALL size Storage Unit?

Per i Clienti PRIVATI Per i Clienti AZIENDALI
20 boxes full cabinet
single bed 20 storage boxes
guitar Shelf
table Desk
chairs Office chair
bottles of wine Computer / 1 Lamp, or
favorite painting Merchandise, Equipments, Spare Parts, etc