What do you need to rent a storage unit with us?

You need a spirit of organization and a reliable partner who offers decent place to store your stuff and optimal solutions to make your life easier!

Choosing the right storage unit size is not always easy. People renting self-storage for the first time have a tendency to over or underestimate their need for space. You have to consider the number of items to be stored, their placement within the UNIT, the length of the time period you need a storage, and, most importantly, your needs and your goal. So, how much space do you actually need?

If you can’t find the answer yet, feel free to use our space calculator device or let yourself be guided by our experts. Once you have established which size of storage unit to rent, you will need to call us +41 (0) 91 225 33 34 or access our website and get a free, no-obligation quote.

Deposit your items in 4 simple steps:

1. Choose the right space for you

We provide storage facilities at different sizes from 3m² to 20m² with 3m height. All you need to do is to have our experts advise you on the best solution for your needs. The storage room will become your personal space and you can organize it as you wish. If you wish, you can also add shelves (without attaching them to the walls) and furniture to better store your items.

2. Reserve your storage unit

The earlier you book, the more likely you are to choose the most suitable size for you and get an advantageous offer. It is not necessary to set a specific date for booking your storage unit: you can decide it even later, but with the safety deposit you will already guarantee that your space is available when you want it at the agreed price. Also be aware that if your plans change, you can cancel your reservation at any time at no cost.

3. Prepare your items

Free the garage, home or office and enjoy your new space! If you need packaging materials, we can provide you with everything you need: padlocks, boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, cutters, clothes covers, protective sheets and much more. Deposito Ticino is able to provide everything you need to keep your items organized and clean!

4. Transfer your items

It's time to use your new SPACE! If you need assistance moving your items, we can help. We can get you an advantageous offer on trusted moving services for your home (private) or your business moving needs.

Spirit of Being Organized … Storage tips

Here comes why it is so essential to have a spirit of being organized in managing your rented storage unit; The rented self storage unit is a space at your complete disposal that we at Deposito Ticino are committed to keep clean and protected. But to organize what’s inside, you have to think about it yourself. Here is some advice how to organize it not only for the safety of your belongings, but also for the benefit of your time.

  • Always use good quality boxes.
  • Leave small corridors for easy access of goods.
  • Make sure you have filled the boxes to the brim to avoid crushing them.
  • The weight of the content determines the size of the box; Small but heavy things, like books or CDs, have to go in small boxes. Light and bulky things, such as cushions or blankets, can be placed in large boxes to make transport easier.
  • Do not fill the boxes to become too heavy. Try not to exceed 10kg in order to easily move or lift the boxes.
  • Make sure to place heavier items on the bottom of the boxes.
  • If the boxes are not completely full, fill the empty space with paper so that things inside do not move and cannot break.
  • Make sure that the boxes are stored correctly. The heaviest below and the lightest above.
  • Avoid placing heavy items on top of delicate items.
  • Always store paintings and mirrors vertically, never horizontally.
  • Use sheets to cover large objects, such as furniture, sofas, mattresses and furniture in general.
  • If you deposit a moped, a scooter, a lawn mower, remember to remove the fuel from the tank.
  • Garden equipment must be cleaned before being deposited.
  • Do not deposit flammable items.
  • Do not store items that could go bad.
  • Do not deposit damp or wet articles.
  • Do not store important items such as keys, or passports.
  • Do not deposit valuable goods such as cash, jewelry or paintings.
  • Use sturdy tape to avoid sudden openings. Close the packages so as not to allow dust.
  • Label boxes to know what is inside, to make it easy to remember where items are stored.

Finally, call us or contact us if you need further advice or assistance on moving.